Maxi Dresses

Boutique Maxi Dresses

Boutique maxi dresses stand apart—and stand out like you wouldn't believe. Pink Lily has a breathtaking selection that may make it impossible to limit yourself to just one dress. Ever thought about wearing a fancy maxi dress to a formal event? There's a first time for everything. Day to day, a maxi dress is the perfect ensemble. Few pieces of clothing allow you to be so effortlessly on-point.

Day-to-Day Comfort

Maxi dresses look phenomenal every day. Add a few statement-making pieces into your wardrobe rotation. A simple A-line maxi is flattering but comfortable for nearly any occasion. Choose a neutral solid hue, such as black or navy blue. Need a dress that's a level up from casual? Long, flowing day dresses are to-die-for. Stick to breezy floral prints, and think about snagging a hat as an accessory.

Fancy Flair

Boutique maxi dresses are ideal for formal and semi-formal functions, too. Oh yes, maxis can be elegant and dressy. Those flowing confections work well at formal receptions or garden party engagements, but you can also uncover unique picks for cocktail parties, and dances. Consider maxi dresses with sheer skirts that fall to the floor. From beneath, a mini dress bodice offers up just the right amount of edge. Splash out in a halter dress or opt for a straight-lined, '20s-inspired dress.

Who knew maxi dresses could be so versatile? Pink Lily has been in on the secret for a while, and now we're happy to share our fashion savvy with you. The next time you need a new dress, stop here and check out our array of boutique maxi dresses.